Join me ‘In The (IKEA) Kitchen’ at the Pittsburgh Public Market, in the Strip, located at 2401 Penn Ave.  I will be conducting a baby food demonstration at 11:30 am on Saturday March 28th. I will cover the basics, and throw a few new ideas out there too.

I love to cook for my family, my friends and my Kitchen Workshop participants so why not for my infant son!  When I decided that I would prepare my son’s food as an alternative to purchasing the jars offered in grocery stores, I worked closely with my pediatrician to ensure we were giving the little guy all of the vitamins and nutrients his growing body needed. I will share this information and a few of the recipes with you!

The process is extremely easy and takes less time than you may think. I usually make it while I am preparing the same ingredients for our meals or in the case of the pears, our homemade wine!  The first batch of baby food that I made was from our butternut squash.  It was so easy that I decided to do sweet potatoes, parsnips, pears, peas, carrots and apples, all of which came from our gardens and trees; well the pears were from a neighbor’s tree but you understand what I’m getting at :-)  I only had to purchase bananas and avocados for the little guy.  So how do you make homegrown, all natural baby food?  You steam it, you puree it and then you freeze it.  Later you thaw it and serve it…simple, healthy and cheap!

making baby food



more pears in sink


Pear wine bottled

Pear wine, gotta have a little somethin’ for the big people to enjoy!

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